( International Alliance for Youth ( I A YOUTH
    Young people are the largest part of Societies. They are the future of nations and its base of change .  This is confirmed by the changes that have occurred in the world, they proved that they are active  ingredient in the universality politics change . Hence the International Alliance of Youth started.
The international Alliance for youth : it contains  organizations and institutions from various countries around the world . It works according to the agreement which signed between these organizations. It takes the headquarters of the World Youth in Sulaimaniya city in Kurdistan region as a temporal place to implement the common goals of these organizations and to unite their efforts , where the alliance is registered in department of Economic and social development of the United Nations and the transparency of the European Union. It will work to support the Millennium Development Goals , as well as the goals of the agencies which belong to the United Nations,  through its  democratic institutions to make decisions , which has been renamed ( youth Congress ) .
     The United Nations has admitted from a long time, that the energies of young people are vital to continue the development of societies in which they live , the Member countries  in the United Nations which recognized this in 1965,  when they  supported the declaration of the higher principles  between young people for peace , mutual respect  and understanding among peoples.
Two decades later, In 1985, the General Assembly of the United nations recognized   as the International Year of Youth.
Year : Participation, Development and Peace . It attracted the attention of the world to the international role of young people. Particularly, the contribution for development in 1995. The tenth anniversary of the International Year of Youth , and strengthening the United Nations commitment for  youth through the international community's response to the challenges of youth in the next millennium . It made that , through the adoption of the International Strategy where, it started a Global Action for Youth up to 2000  and Beyond . But the Development Millennium targets, was since 1990 . A series of international meetings and international conferences had done. It made a comprehensive agenda for human development, including selected targets and goals with time frames specific and measurable indicators.
    These goals and targets Urge the local and international partners on ; work and take initiatives , and also it helps to establish new alliances , in addition to provide referential points to evaluate the  progress in human development field. In spite of that policy reforms and institutional change and resource allocation, it mostly produces by discussions and conversations centered around the goals of a specific time, but less than a third of the developing countries, periodically, put specific national goals and measurable in order to reduce poverty and support human development.
     In September 2000 , a large number of countries signed  the " Millennium Declaration " which covers issues related to peace , security and development , including the environment and the protection of weak groups , human rights and good governance. The Millennium Declaration contains a group of connected Developmental goals, within a comprehensive international agenda known as (Developmental  Millennium Goals) , which are the following :

The first objective:
          The end the extreme poverty and hunger.

The second objective:
         To achieve the universal primary education.

The third objective:
         To promote gender equality / social kind and women's empowerment.

The fourth objective:
         To reduce child mortality.

Fifth goal:
        To improve the reproductive health ( mothers health )

Sixth goal:
       To fight HIV / acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV / AIDS), malaria and other diseases.

Seventh goal: Environmental sustainability guarantee. 

Eighth goal:
       Developing of a global partnership for development.

  Each target, depends on numbers should be to achieve by the year 2015. appropriate indicators to monitor progress , and it should be noted that consideration should be given to these goals , targets and indicators as indicators to monitor progress in one country and not strict  instructions.

The simplified introduction about the Alliance and UN targets, the following Targets have made, 

that can be added goals for the future in line with the international changes.
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